I do not speak to my parents

TRIGGER WARNING: child molestation and child abuse

I do not speak to or associate in any manner with my parents or any of their spouses, past or present:

This public statement is made necessary because my biological father and serial child molester, Keith Henson, is now out of prison (for completely unrelated charges) and is once more an active participant in some of my professional circles. What was previously awkward - refusing to discuss my father with well-meaning professional colleagues - has now become a major impediment to attending professional conferences and other events. In addition, my first stepfather, John Bosma, also continues to stalk me, most recently at a professional conference at which I was an organizer.

The take-away is that I will not under any circumstances be in physical proximity to my parents or their spouses, attend any event they are present at, or be associated with any endeavor of theirs. This is non-negotiable.

If you want more information on why I say that Keith Henson is a child molester, read my Keith Henson is a child molester page. Do not read this page unless absolutely necessary; it is not pleasant stuff.