Valerie Aurora

Hi, I am Valerie Anita Aurora, systems programmer, writer, and cat appreciator. In my previous lives, I taught ally skills, supported women in open technology and culture, and wrote Linux kernel and file systems code.

Tech stuff

Debugging satellites, nuclear explosions, and giant space lasers
My favorite operating systems debugging stories
The Kernel Hacker's Bookshelf series
Linux Weekly News articles
The "rainbow chart" of cryptographic hash function lifetimes
The ultimate physical limits of computation
My visit to the Honeywell Kitchen Computer


The Al Capone Theory of Sexual Harassment
No more rock stars: how to stop abuse in tech communities
Rebooting the Ada Lovelace Mythos
DEFCON: Why conference harassment matters
HOWTO therapy: what psychotherapy is, how to find a therapist, and when to fire your therapist

Selected press

Ada Lovelace in the New Yorker, 2013
Google adopts ally skills training in USA Today, 2015
Why men should fight sexism in The Guardian, 2016
Discrimination against women in tech in the New Yorker, 2017
Implementing the Paradox of Tolerance in tech in Boing Boing, 2018
Linux kernel culture in the New Yorker, 2018

Contact info

valerie dot aurora at gmail dot com | Mastodon | LinkedIn