HOWTO negotiate your salary and benefits - for women


This HOWTO describes how to negotiate your salary and benefits when applying for a job, with a special focus on problems women face. Written from the perspective of a programmer, but broadly applicable.

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The short version
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Negotiating techniques
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The short version

If you only have 30 seconds to read this, here are the important parts.

  • Negotiate! It will almost never hurt you, and almost always help. Screw up your courage and just do it!

  • Do your research - know what you are worth. Ask for advice from knowledgeable, well-compensated people with more skill and experience than you.

  • Never ever give the first figure for salary - make the person hiring say a number first, even if they ask, repeatedly. Never ever ever! If there's a form, don't fill in the "Salary" blanks. Just don't do it.

  • Always act slightly disappointed, no matter what the job offer is. Ask for time to think about it (i.e., plan your strategy) before getting back to them.