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Hi, I am Valerie Anita Aurora (formerly Henson), a writer, programmer, and feminist activist. I am a co-founder of the Ada Initiative, a non-profit to promote women in open technology and culture, and also Double Union, a feminist makerspace in San Francisco (notice a trend?). I was a Linux kernel developer specializing in file systems for about a decade. My Wikipedia bio is occasionally correct. I also write, speak, and generally make trouble.

Random fun stuff I wrote

My blog
Ball lightning: the coolest thing you've never heard of
The ultimate physical limits of computation My LASIK story
Hiking Mt. Whitney
My visit to the Honeywell Kitchen Computer

Making the world a better place

Suicide and society: Where does responsibility for preventing suicide lie?
DEFCON: Why conference harassment matters
The dark side of open source conferences
HOWTO Encourage Women in Linux
HOWTO Negotiate Your Salary and Benefits - for women
A book scholarship I created for "Women Don't Ask" (now superseded by Ask for it)

File systems, operating systems, networking, cryptography, etc.

The TCP/IP Drinking Game
Linux Weekly News articles
The "rainbow chart" of cryptographic hash function lifetimes
How to use cryptographic hashes for data comparison safely
Tips for developing with User-mode Linux (UML)
Chunkfs: Using divide-and-conquer to improve file system reliability and repair
Repair-driven File System Design
Some code I've written

Contact info

For Ada Initiative-related questions, including anything related to women in open tech/culture, please email valerie at adainitiative dot org. For personal, non-women in open tech/culture-related email, use valerie dot aurora at gmail dot com.